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Gold Star Dealers


Sackett Systems intends to be the market leader in battery handling equipment with regard to:

  • Product technology
  • Product quality
  • Product reliability and serviceability
  • Customer Service

Sackett continues to partner with Dealers and Distributors of products in the material handling market that are similarly committed to serving customers beyond their expectations.

We believe that the Gold Star Dealer program needs to be beneficial to both Sackett Systems and the GoldStar Dealer partners so communication will be essential to the success of this program.

The goal is to have local parts and superior service available to Sackett customers through the GoldStar Dealer network.

GoldStar Dealers will be the preferred dealers of Sackett products, parts and service but this is not an exclusive agreement.

Sackett Systems will utilize GoldStar Dealers whenever possible for sales of products and parts, service, warranty resolution, and installation of Sackett products. The GoldStar Dealers will be trained and available to sell to and service Sackett customers.

Sackett Systems will provide training and support to dealers as spelled out in this policy and as otherwise needed.

Service and Installations:
GoldStar Dealers will sell, service, and install Sackett Systems’ products. Sackett Systems will provide training and support for GoldStar Dealers before, during and after installation. Supervised installations will be offered to GoldStar Dealers performing installations for the first time.

Warranty Service:
Our goals for resolving issues covered by Sackett’s Warranty Policy are:

  • Customer satisfaction beyond expectations
  • Timely resolution of the problem
  • Clear identification of the cause of the problem/failure mode
  • Corrective action to prevent recurrence of the same failure mode
  • To minimize cost of warranty issue resolution

Sackett will be available for regional shows and/or dealer open houses as required and deemed appropriate. The Regional Sales Managers are the persons responsible for coordination of these efforts. Responsibility for costs of these shows will be determined on a case by case basis. There may be times the GoldStar Dealers are asked to share in such costs where appropriate and agreed upon.