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Modular Multi Level Stands

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Sackett’s modular stands are comprised of welded structural steel components bolted together to create a wall of steel. Welded structural steel components deliver the durability and reliability that has made Sackett a leader in the battery exchange industry. The bolt together design provides flexibility, reduces required footprint, and decreases freight costs to generate value for battery exchange customers.

  • Flexible Design
  • Smaller Footprint
  • Low Freight Costs
General Specification:
  • All uprights on 3” square tube with roller base 3-1/2” x 2-1/2” 1/4″ Angle
  • Top charger Platform
  • Rollers 2-3/8” dia. with ¼” thick PE sleeves
  • Roller Beds in all compartments
  • Rollers sloped to rear to prevent roll out
  • All positions with SB connector brackets
  • Catwalk, ladders, drip pans
  • SEISMEC construction available
  • Back Stops for shorter batteries
  • Deeper Roller Beds
  • Vertical Charger Mounting Brackets