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Power Distribution Panels

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The PDP5000 is a modular power distribution panel that is mounted directly to Sackett Systems’ stands at the factory.

Reduce the number of conductors pulled from the main panel from one per charger, to once per stand.

Key Features:
  • Allen Bradley, 20 amp, 600v circuit breakers
  • UL listed components
  • NEMA rated enclosure
  • Hubell Twist connects
  • Disconnect at appropriate level
  • Easy Installation
  • Lockout option Available
  • Cost savings – installation of 1 line per stand Vs. 1 line per charger
  • Safer: individual shutoffs for each charger
  • Improved Organization
  • Easier Charger Maintenance
  • 4, 6, or 8 circuit breakers
  • 30 amp breakers
  • Thumbscrew access to circuit breakers
  • Disconnect with Lockout
  • Plexishield covering circuit breakers