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Triple Stacker


HHA MAX Brochure

Key Features:
  • Heavy Duty: 10,000 Lb Capacity
  • Durable: 7,000 lbs, Outer Frame Structure: 3″ x 5″x3/8” steel tubing
  • Reliable: Unique Rack & Pinion Extractor Arm
  • Fast: 20 FPM lift and 200 FPM Travel
      (Hydra-Handler MAX available for 25 FPM and 250 FPM)
  • Efficient: Store and Charge 60 batteries in 47’ x 17’
  • Options: Hydra-Handler Options
Industry Leading Safety Features:
  • “Operator Present” Floor Switch
  • Lockout, with override button, to protect Extractor Arm, by preventing travel if arm overhangs vehicle
  • Arm Won’t Rotate If Extended Beyond Roller Compartment
  • Photo Cells to prevent Hydra-Handler from traveling when the arm or battery is extended outside roller compartment of Hydra-Handler
  • Limit Switch for safety gate (if gate isn’t closed, unit will not run)