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Electric forklift batteries were sliding off aged, neglected rollers of battery stands. As a result, the batteries were not charging and were not ready when needed. Consequently, there was a slow down on the production floor resulting in a negative effect on the workflow and production rates at this essential business’ warehouse. Additionally, the sliding batteries posed a serious safety concern.

Sackett evaluated the battery stands and confirmed that the customer owned older model battery stands. The solution was simple. Flip-up stops needed to be installed on all the battery stands. Newer stands include mechanical flip-up stops, a feature that had since been implemented to prevent battery positioning concerns.

While some of the older battery stands needed full replacement, the better maintained stands only required roller replacements along with the addition of the flip-up stops.

Mechanical flip-up stops were installed on the customers’ battery stands. Therefore, no additional batteries slid off the stands, production returned to normal and the safety concern of falling batteries was eliminated. Furthermore, the installation visit prompted preventative maintenance and updates on additional battery handling machinery, to prevent any unexpected downtime in the future.

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