Getting Your (Ware)house in Order

Warehouse forklift
Warehouse shelves and forklift. Blueprint style. Vector rendering from 3D model

While far-reaching implementation of Industry 4.0 may take years, if not decades, to become the next big industrial revolution, you don’t have to go “all in” to reap the benefits of analyzing and optimizing your warehouse and logistics operations. In fact, regardless of your path in embracing Industry 4.0 sensor technology, an iterative approach to getting your warehouse in order begins with assessing the dynamics of your space.

Not sure where to start? Sackett offers Battery Storage + Charging Area Assessments which provide a 12-point evaluation of your existing lift truck battery storage and charging footprint, as well as recommendations for increased battery optimization and equipment efficiency. 

To get started on your path to Industry 4.0, reach out to our team for your FREE Battery Storage + Charging Area Assessment, at, or 1-800-323-8332.

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