Protect your investment in your batteries with a SACKETT BATTERY WASHER with its unique NEUTRILIZING CYCLE. Regular washing and neutralizing of your batteries reduces or eliminates terminal and cable corrosion, as well as dirt and trash build-up on the battery tops. All models incorporate the same wash, unique neutralize, rinse and blow-off systems. They vary only in the method used to move the batteries in and out of the washer.


Automatic Battery Wash – Model B+, BB+, and Double B+

  • Powered, reversing In-feed and Out-feed Conveyors
    • B+ : Powered washer rollers with slave conveyor
    • BB+ : Powered washer rollers with independent conveyor
    • Double B+ : Powered Washer Rollers with independent in-feed and out-feed conveyors
  • Designed for use with HydraHandler or Transfer Cart with push/pull plate
  • Single Powered Door
  • (7) Powered 3 ½” dia., ¼” extruded coated rollers
  • 230/460v, 60hz, 3ph
  • AC amp draw 8 amp @230 or 4 amp @ 460
  • PLC Controlled
  • Stainless steel cabinet with epoxy primer
  • Machine mounted electrical panel
  • NEMA IV Push Buttons
  • ½” port for in-plant water connection
  • Limit Switch to prevent spray with door open
  • Adjustable Blow Off Air Manifold
    • (system supplied by in-plant compressed air)
    • operates at 90 lbs. minimum, at 150 scfm of free air
  • Panel Class II, UL approved
  • 24 Volt Controls, NEC

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