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September 25, 2020
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Battery Watering Gun (GUN-X)

The Next Generation in Watering Gun Technology. The world’s fastest, most durable and best-selling watering gun. It saves money in your warehouse or DC by eliminating waste and increasing productivity. Even if you are already using battery watering systems it makes sense to own a battery watering gun so that rental or loaner batteries can be properly and safely watered.

Great for utility vehicle, golf cart and scrubber battery watering.



  • Ergonomically Designed: The easy-squeeze, rugged handle and 45° nozzle angle make this gun very comfortable to use.
  • Integrated Flow Indicator: Shows you when filling has stopped.
  • Flow Diffuser: Converts the rapid flow to a gentle spray and protects nozzle from damage.
  • Superior Strength: Built from rugged, engineered ABS plastic.
  • Secure Level Control: Adjustable or removable and pre-set for optimum level for most motive power batteries.
  • Automatic shutoff & pressure regulator
  • High flow rate – 2 gallon/minute (8 liters/min)
  • Immediate installation – Attaches to any standard hose with included quick connect fittings
  • Insulated against short circuits