Electric Transfer Carts

  • All electric pallet jack transfer cart
  • All electric motor allowing easy service and maintenance
  • Magnet or vacuum extraction
  • Maximum arm reach outside of machine = 7.5”
  • Mounting easily on a pallet jack (hardware included)
  • Up to 5,000 lbs battery capacity
  • Limiter switch on extraction arm to minimize unnecessary strain on the electric motor system
  • Lead roller to assist with the battery transition smoothly
  • Flip up stop to alleviate battery rolling back unsafely
  • Roller bed to use with outriggers on a forklift
  • Built to last solid welded steel construction with acid resistant paint
  • Flashing light while magnet is on
  • Flexible mounting hardware for use with dedicated pallet jack
  • 27” wide drive under base that allows use of pallet jack elsewhere when not transferring batteries
  • Fork pockets for use with fork lifts along with a 4 button pendant
  • Customizable length and width (common width 24” 30” 36” 42” and length 40” 45” 50”)
  • Drop in roller bed is used for higher transfer heights
  • Optional battery guides for narrow batteries to ensure they transfer safely
  • Tethered remote control
  • Audible sound and light while magnet is on

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