The Water Buffalo 300-gallon (1,135 liter) Mobile Watering Supply, the industry’s largest capacity water tank. It is the ideal watering solution for fast and opportunity charging applications.

Fast and opportunity charged batteries never need to visit the battery room for charging or watering. So, water supplies must be taken to them. The Water Buffalo Water Supply’s enormous size saves valuable time and effort in your warehouse or DC, enabling you to water your fleet of batteries 15 times more efficiently than a 20-gallon (75.7 liter) watering tank.

The Water Buffalo 300-gallon (1,135 liter) Mobile Water Supply is a pallet-mounted water tank designed to be easily transported by rider pallet truck.

The Water Buffalo Mobile Water Supply is delivered fully assembled. Not included is the Y-splitter (SB connector and DC cable) to power the unit from a rider pallet truck 24-volt battery. A Y-splitter is required for operation.

Once you’ve used Water Buffalo to water your fast and opportunity charged batteries, you’ll never go back to using a smaller tank.


Water Buffalo – 300 Gallon Mobile Water Supply


  • DC-powered by the 24-volt battery on a rider pallet truck. An onboard inverter converts DC to AC power for the pump.
  • Hardware mounts to the metal frame of the 300-gallon tank.
  • 16 feet (14.8 meters) of industrial output hose.
  • An automatic shutoff valve to precisely fill the 300-gallon (1,135 liter) tank.
  • Storage space for tools.

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