Sackett Solution Spotlight: Building Partnerships Through Creative Solutions

Sackett Solution Spotlight
At Sackett Systems, dealers can count on the team to be collaborators, not competitors and customers can trust on Sackett for proactive decision-making and unsurpassed innovation. As a team which understands and appreciates the needs of our customers, we strive to build and support our partnerships.

When a customer was facing difficulties with a pogo stick, designed for traditional chargers, supporting the weight of opportunity charging cables, they turned to Sackett for a solution.

The customer had tried troubleshooting with different products, which proved costly and ineffective. Instead, the Sackett team worked closely with the customer on several design concepts and a prototype for testing. Based on testing and feedback, Sackett developed a Pogo Pole, meeting their cost and function needs.

Ruggedly built to efficiently handle industrial lift truck batteries, Sackett’s battery changing equipment increases your productivity by leading the industry in durability, reliability, and serviceability.

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