Services / Financing Options

No matter what your budget, we can accommodate. You can buy it, lease it, or rent it with flexible options to meet your business needs.


You can buy a new, used or refurbished equipment and accessories, to meet your financial needs with the continued Sackett Systems Quality Product


You can lease new equipment and accessories for a variety of terms. We can help you analyze your business needs to determine the right plan for your business.

Some benefits for choosing financing solution for equipment acquisitions.

  • Save your cash or your credit line– Allows you to spend money on other business needs.
  • Lease payments can be structured to meet cash flow needs.
  • Allows you to overcome capital budget restrictions.
  • Speeds up the purchasing process by eliminating the lengthy approval processes.
  • Can bundle multiple equipment, services and accessories into a single source of financing.


You can rent equipment if you have short term business needs.

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