Lean Management

Let Sackett Systems help you analyze your business. You have a business to run which includes exceeding customer expectations. Sackett Systems uses lean tools to help analyze processes. Sackett uses a different approach to deliver continuous improvements. We complete analysis beyond battery handling equipment by measuring the material handling equipment, review applications and review the process. We engage with employees closest to the work. We help keep your business moving using lean principles. Lean principles are not for manufacturing only. The concepts that improve assembly lines in manufacturing can be applied to warehouses and distribution centers.

The Lean principles focus on:

  1. Specify Value in the Eyes of the customer. Focus on what the customer wants and align the processes to deliver that
  2. Identify the Value stream and eliminate waste
  3. Make Value flow by understanding the customer demands
  4. Involve, Engage and Empower Employees closest to the work
  5. Continuously improve in pursuit of perfection through Kaizen Events

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Lean Management Chart

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