Preventive Maintenance

We have a variety of options to support your battery changing equipment and keep your business running

Sackett Systems is more than the world’s best battery handling equipment. We also have the equipment that supports your entire battery handling operation and keeps it running smoothly.

If you have your own team of technicians, we offer a certified training class to ensure they have the knowledge necessary to maintain the equipment and dramatically reduced downtime.

Your Trained Sackett service technician can help prolong the life of your equipment and avoid unnecessary repairs and downtime by incorporating visual inspection, battery-changing equipment cleaning and preventive maintenance activities.

A shift from reactive maintenance to scheduled maintenance that involves reliable, solid, and durable equipment and processes has been forced by today’s business environment. To increase the life of your equipment and to reduce unplanned maintenance activities, Sackett Systems will work with you to establish a Scheduled Maintenance Program. Such systems consist of lubricating, modifying, and supplying minor replacement parts to prolong the life of the equipment.

Non-destructive monitoring, routine review, pre-planned maintenance procedures, and maintenance to fix problems discovered during the testing and inspection measures should be included in the proven preventive program.

The Sackett Installation team works with our customers to establish the job scope of the project, construction schedule, identify training needs, and collaborate with contractors, other equipment suppliers and service technicians to ensure that installations of equipment go smoothly and are properly performed.

This team is a tight-knit group of engineers, sales veterans, and office support workers to ensure that every project is on schedule, on budget, and meets customer standards.

Rely on Sackett System installation team to install your battery changing equipment at your facilities when your available resources are limited or busy with other business priorities.

In need of an equipment manual for your new or used Sackett System equipment?

Sackett Systems Equipment manuals are available for purchase. Contact us using the form below:

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